Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Position

Let us understand where I belong in the question of "Jewishness", before anyone gets the absurd notion that I may be 'on their side'.
You must understand, I come from the notion of choice--FREEDOM. One chooses what they do and say. To construct some excuse for my free choices is absurd. Genealogical reasons of being and doing are left to the world of horoscopes and other predetermination s I find to be comical, and lamentable.
The free, individual being can NOT be categorized. One should dismiss fate, destiny, instinct and any other innate claims which undermine the understanding of conscious, free Being.
I don't support the idea of putting crazy thinking in some special place called 'religion', and making that place respectable. At best, religious thought leads to reflection, but this is rare. The reason is simply that when people gather together under the pretense of blindly following some mystical Being, no good can come of it. People will believe in whatever they wish, but it does not help society, at all, to make these private wishes and hopes a public value.
My point of view is not particularly "secular humanism", for I don't put humans in a privileged place in this world or in my thinking. My view is logical positivist on metaphysical matters, and empathetic concerning free beings, animal-inclusive.
My political persuasion is not anarchism, because if free beings choose government, I see no reason not to have one. But I don't choose autocracies, oligarchies, or fascists. So most present governments I am against.
The sick, twisted way in which science and technology has been misused as predetermination excuses for free being's choices, and for advances in weapons, allows me to support Darwin and Einstein, for example, while separating their theorizing from the misuse that comes from it.
Now. On the question of "Jewishness". This equates with christian-ness, Muslim-ness, and so on.
I don't think much of "race". It's an interpretation of data, based solely on superficial, perceived differences between conscious beings. A 'race' is just some designated grouping of conscious beings, which has acquired the presupposition that these differences are in accordance with what is deemed 'empirical evidence'. This is not so. For instance, color, the skin shades, are as diverse as the individuals in the 'group'. Indeed, the color of one's skin varies through their entire body. The color of one's skin may change with the environment that one exists in. There is no such thing as a black, brown, yellow, or white person. That is puerile. What accounts for the groupings of individuals is merely a statistical game played by academics with an agenda. Sociologists who wish to write a paper within the boundaries of sociology. It is the error of collectivity, where the unique individual is supplanted by the group.
The declarations of a genealogical history dating back to the Israelites of the past stories of their Torah is absurd.
And what of blood? What kind of silliness is this? The percentage of blood one has, making them akin to another is as ridiculous to me as pigmentation.
To be a Jew, one simply has to declare it so. So goes the Muslim, and the christian. It is a chosen group which one wishes to belong to. That is all. No amount of fascist designating, group initiation imposing, or subversive whining can make one choose whether or not to be a Jew, if one does not wish to be. Someone may have a tattoo from Auschwitz, hold a membership card of the ADL, write a book gushing about AIPAC, and their mother died swearing to her grave that she was a jew, it does not matter. If one no longer wants to be a Jew, then they are not a Jew. What makes a person a Jew is clearly the individual's choice to be called one. That is all. That is their choice. Same for the Muslim, the christian, and the Hindu. It is the individual's choice to proceed with belonging to that group or not.
We have a nation in Israel, with their eugenic inclination, fascist leanings, and propaganda program, as well as their intolerance, which finds a definite parallel with the German state in the 1930s. Just as the United State's comparisons with the Roman empire have been made quite often recently, so the Jewish state's comparison with Nazi Germany is easy to see, and quite rightly used as a criticism.
When people scream about Jews being essentially evil, I am against every part of that claim. What we have is individuals supporting the oppression of others. As previously stated, free individual beings make free choices. The application of Occam's razor in not realistic in the matter of disregarding individual responsibility, and replacing it with the simple statement 'They're all responsible'.
I am against all who would support a state that does such horrible things as the Israeli state and the United States are doing. I think disclosing the continuous news items pertaining to the actions, and policies of these two States, as well as others, will be morally worthwhile before I pass away.

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